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in Gangstar Vegas, you can roll up on a dangerous new trip through the City of Sin in the latest episode of the acclaimed open-world action series! Here 9game assemble some guides and strategies for you.
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In the case of the Gangstar franchise, the source material is clearly Grand Theft Auto. ForGangstar Vegas, Gameloft has transplanted the shooting, mugging, and carjacking action of itsGTA wanabee franchise to Nevada's infamous Vegas Strip. This is presumably in an effort to inject some colour and fun into the series previously grimy and po-faced universe. The result is a game that is suitably gaudy and ambitious in scope.

The storyline is as generic as they come. You play as Jason, an ethically flexible boxer who gets in deep with some unscrupulous types when he fails to throw a fight. Rescued by criminal duo Karen and Vera, you find yourself attempting to stay alive by diving deeper into the criminal underworld. Along the way, you are free to indulge in all the gangbanging, drive-bys, car-jacking, street races, and wanton destruction you see fit.

Introduction for some of weapons


    Handgun *
    Revolver *
    Ray Gun *
    Six Shooter *
    Deluxe Six Shooter


    Mini SMG *
    Deluxe Mini SMG 
    SMG *
    Pacifist SMG *
    Deluxe Pacifist SMG


    Deluxe Shotgun
    Riot Shotgun
    Heavy Shotgun
    Sawed-Off Shotgun *

Assault Rifle

    Classic AR
    Deluxe Classic AR
    Modern AR
    Tactical AR
    Heavy AR
    Street Mower

Sniper RSniper Rifle

    Marksman Rifle
    Bolt-Action Rifle
    ufo sniper rifle

Tips & Strategies

Fast Travel:
As well as the above, which will save you the time of never having to restart a mission, you should also remember that you never need to drive to a mission location to start them. Simply open the Map screen, tap on the icon of the mission that you want to start, then select to begin. This means you don't waste time, effort and vehicles going around Vegas to get where you need to go.

Upgrade Wisely:
You're unlikely to ever be able to upgrade all of your skills, so it's best to focus on ones that you need. Avoid any vehicle skills and instead focus on weapons and, if you're struggling with missions, health. You really don't need faster vehicles or anything like that. Out of the weapons, try to upgrade the lower level ones initially - damage and rate of fire - as you will be forced to use these for the most part.

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